Here you can find the most frequently asked questions we get.

If you have further questions then you can always contact us via email or phone.



You may place an order via our website (using desktop/pc/tablet/mobile phone). Use the search bar to find the products that you want to buy. We have also sorted our products by categories or by brands for your ease to search.

You will receive an email notification once your order has been confirmed or once you have made your purchase.

No, adding an item to your shopping cart allows you to continue shopping before you proceed to check out and make payment.  You can keep the added items in your shopping cart for 7 days, while stock is still available. If the stock has run out, you will not be able to proceed with order check out.

You will receive a sales invoice thru email once order has been confirmed by payment. Alternatively, you may download your sales invoice by following the steps below : 

1. Log in to your Powerod account via website only.

2. Click on My orderClick on All orders to view all your latest and previous orders. 

3. Select the respective order and click “View Details”

4. Click on “Sales Invoice” to download the invoice. 

The invoice is retrievable up to 1 years from the date of purchase.

An email with a tracking link will be sent to you. You can click the link to start tracking the delivery of your order.

You may cancel your order within 2 hours from order placed thru our website by logging into your account.

Once you logged in, go to ORDERS and all you have to do is click on the CANCEL button, select a reason and submit your order cancellation request. However, since change of address is not allowed, please ensure to select other reason to cancel order. 

If you no longer able to cancel via online account, please do call our Customer Care line at +6012-7782989 or email : wecare@powerod.com.my for further assistance.

Order cannot be cancelled if it has been processed and handed over to the courier partner.

Yes, for any item that you have purchased, you may share your review with us. The steps are as follows : 

1. Log in to your account via (website only). 

2. Click the “User” icon and select My Reviews

3. Select the product that you wish to review and write a review about the product based on your experience. 

However, do noted that, you may only able to review to products that you have purchased. 


All purchases, we accept payments using :

1. Locally issued credit and debit cards
2. Online banking 
3. E-Wallet – Boost, Touch ‘nGo, GrabPay and MBB QR Pay

All payment are subject to Terms and Conditions.

We accept payment from Visa and Mastercard credit cards issued in Malaysia.

We only accept credit / debit card issued under the purchaser’s name.

A notification SMS/Email will be sent upon successful payment.

Not for this moment.

First, please check your credit card or bank account statement to verify if there are any charges being imposed for the unsuccessful transaction. If yes, please send a copy of the respective statement that shows your full name, credit card number, transaction date and amount charged to customercare@powerod.com.my and we will assist you further.


We currently offer free delivery to Peninsular Malaysia only. 

East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan) : We are currently imposes a delivery charge of RM30 per product for each product order.

Your purchases will be delivered to you within 3 to 7 business days for deliveries within Peninsular Malaysia and 14 to 21 business days for deliveries to East Malaysia. 

We regret that there might be delays in delivery due to unforeseen circumstances such as wrong delivery address, customers being unavailable to accept delivery, payment related issues and natural disasters.

We covers to most areas within Malaysia, however it depends on the availability delivery zone offered by our designated courier service partners.

This option is not available at the moment.

Yes, we do provide delivery to other countries apart of within Malaysia. Do check with us should you have any problem upon check out as the delivery coverage might not be included.

Upon receipt, please check the condition of the received goods and should there be any issues with the order, please notify us within 7 days from the goods received date via call or email. 

Please ensure that the goods received are not used or consumed and keep the original packaging until the issue is resolved. 

Numbers to call : +6012-7782979

Email : wecare@powerod.com.my

Do check if someone else at your address has accepted it. 

Contact the courier, ask if they have additional information about the package’s location. Make sure you have your tracking number or delivery confirmation number in hand. 

Alternatively, you could also email us at wecare@powerod.com.my for further assistance.



We offered 2 types of non-stick cookware :

Die-cast cookware – Molten aluminium is poured into a mold and left to set. Once cooled it is released from the mold making it a whole piece without welding. Cookware is fine-tuned for use. This to give an evenly spread of heat throughout the cookware, which gives excellent conductor of heat. 

Pressed/Forged cookware – The technology used for this is different from die-cast cookware, instead of melting aluminium to be poured into a mold, pressed cookware is being shape by a thin aluminium slab. This is called pressing, which makes it possible to shape a body in aluminium by cold deformation of a slab produced by rolling. Hence, the cookware shape is formed. It is also known for its screw-in handle and thinner construction.

Aurasia/Cuisineur non-stick coating is a technical coating made from a polymer name polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It is PTFE which gives the cookware the non-stick properties. Public health authorities in Europe and in the USA (ANSES, EFSA, FDA) demonstrated that PTFE is an inert substance which does not chemically react with food, water or domestic cleaning products. It is totally harmless in case of ingestion.

These Public health authorities confirmed the harmlessness of PTFE non-stick coatings in cookware. In fact, PTFE is so safe that it is frequently used in the medical profession to coat pacemakers and the tiny tubes made to replace arteries. It is also used for surgical procedures for the benefit of patients with severe kidney disease, and some joint prostheses are also partly coated with PTFE.

It is very rare for the non-stick coating to wear off under normal household use. Proper use and care will allow for better performance over time. Most cases of non-stick wearing have evidence of overheating, scratching and/or abrasive cleaning.

We do encourage our customers to season their non-stick pan in order to fill small pores in the surface coating and further prevent food from sticking.

To season your non stick pan : 

Step 1 : Wash your non-stick pan with soapy water. 

Step 2 : Dry your pan with soft cloth, once your pan is dry, lightly rub vegetable or oil onto the non-stick surface. 

Step 3 : Heat the oiled frying pan over medium heat on a burner for about 1-2 minutes. 

Step 4 : Once the pan cools, wipe any excess oil from the pan with a paper towel and now you are good to go!

Afterwards, just do a quick wash out to get rid of the residue from our non-stick pan. However, you can always repeat this seasoning process every once in a while as desired.

Not all our cookware is suitable for induction cooker used. However, we do have a range of cookware with induction based, means it can go to any cook tops. Do read thru the description properly that always end with “IH”, which means “Induction Heating” and this cookware can go on any cook tops including induction cooker.

Asian cooking is well-known for is acidic, colourful flavours, eg. Soy sauce, dark soy sauce, tomatoes, turmeric, chillies, etc. So, it is normal if you see your non-stick cookware turn colours after sometimes, this is okay, do not be alarmed. You can still use your cookware as long as the non-stick coating is not worn off.

Food Preparation and Storage

Yes, all our food grade products with colours are comply with all recognized safety standard.

It is advisable NOT to put stainless steel or metal into microwave due to the electromagnetic waves in the microwave that might caught sparks and fire. 

However, it can go to oven as it is safe to use.

Yes, definitely can, as it is made of stainless steel.

It is very rare for the colour to wear off under normal household use. Proper use and care will allow for better performance over time. Most cases of colour torn off have evidence of overheating, scratching and/or abrasive cleaning.

Thermal and Food Carrier

Yes, we take the liberty to give the best to our users. SUS304 material is a Japanese JIS standard and the most commonly used stainless steel, containing 18% Cr and 8% Ni. It can maintain good strength and heat resistance in high temperature and low temperature environments, and also has good corrosion resistance.

Material SUS304 is not magnetic, but it may be slightly magnetic due to cold working.

No, our Dokutoku stainless steel products will not rust. We warranty on rustiness.

For 1st time use, wash with warm water and mild dish soap.

To remove difficult stains like coffee and tea, please fill your vacuumware with hot water, add one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and let it sit for 5 mins, then scour them lightly with scouring pad.

Never use any abrasive powder, bleach, steel wool, scouring agent, and brightener which may cause scratch, damage and tarnish the stainless steel.

Do not immerse bottle in boiling water as this will deform, discoloured and cause water leaking to your vacuumware.

No to all. 

Never store dry ice and carbonated beverage (Gas drink) which can cause strong pressure in the vacuumware. It may result a strong force to eject the stopper forcefully. 

As for acidic beverages such as lemon juice, orange juice, or even plum juice, etc., it can cause to poor performance in hot retention. 

Milk, or dairy product should not be store in the vacuumware for a long period of time as it may cause the milk to curd and eventually may spoil.

When hot food or drink has been poured into vacuumware, the pressure automatically developed when you screw the lid on immediately. Always practise the habit of the “5 seconds” count to release some pressure in the vacuumware, then only screw the lid on. 

However, if it’s happened and you are having hard time to open the lid. No worry, just let the lid run under a hot water for a minute, it will make it comes off more easily.

Mini Electric Appliance

Yes, it is SIRIM approved.

This appliance is for household use only. Please use suitable power source (220 –   240V ~50Hz).

Wash thoroughly the inner part of Electric Mobile Multi-Cooker, steamer and glass cover. DO NOT IMMERSE ELECTRIC MOBILE MULTI-COOKER BODY IN WATER OR ANY LIQUID.

Yes, do read thru the operating manual before use the product. It is important to read what are can do and cannot do which has been highlighted in the operating manual.

Warranty is given for 1 year upon purchased date with proof of purchase.